Tuesday, November 18, 2014

R.I.P. Lexa Girl

This past Saturday we said goodbye to our dear Lexa. If you've seen Lexa in the last year, you couldn't help but notice that she had slowed down and spent most of her days sleeping in the sun. At eleven years old, she found comfort on her bed and only got up to give us a quick hello, grab some grub, and have a quick potty check. Walking up and down the steps to our bedroom had gotten to be a lot for her, and Jim and I had started to talk about "the end".

Deciding when to put your dog down has to be one of the worst conversations on Earth. I know you're doing what's best for the dog, but inevitably they bounce back that day or perk up and you're left feeling guilty and awful. Well, Lexa made that decision REALLY easy on Jim and I. It was a FREEZING cold Saturday. Lexa had gotten out of bed and was spending the day hanging with Cole just outside his tent in the living room. He had a "camp out" inside and was getting frustrated that Lexa kept wanting to come in his tent and snuggle.

Around 2pm I took Cole upstairs to go down for a nap, came down, fed Piper and got her asleep. The Badger game was about to begin so Jim took Lexa outside. For the last two weeks we've been accompanying her to be sure she actually went potty. She got down the first few steps just fine, but when she was making her way down to the grassy area, she fell. We really didn't think too much about the fall. Jim just picked her up and brought her in the house.

He laid her down on her bed and stayed a minute to scritch her ears and talk to her. Thank goodness he did that. Within minutes her eyes went glassy and were staring off. Jim called me over and we knew it was time. I grabbed my cell phone and called the vet's office. I knew they'd be closed, but what other choice did I have. Not wanting to take her to the ER vet, I went out on a whim and texted Dr. Brad our vet. I knew I was probably overstepping boundaries, but he had shared his personal cell number when we put Willie down, so I figured why not.

Within 1 minute he had called us. In that same amount of time, Lexa's legs had started twitching and Jim was distraught. Dr. Brad invited us to bring Lexa in immediately and he'd meet us at the clinic. We didn't have that luxury. I quickly hung up the phone, snuggled up next to Lexa, and said my goodbye. In no time at all she was gone, in our foyer, at home. That sweet, sweet dog lived out her life  on her terms. She spent the entire morning with us, waited until both kids were down for their nap, and finally took her last breath when Jim and I were snuggled at her side, petting her and telling her it was going to be okay.

It's hard for me to believe she's gone. It's hard for me to believe we don't have a four legged friend wandering our home. I keep looking for her bed in the foyer. I long for her warmth in my bed. I miss my friend. Dearly. I know she's better off. I hope she's found Big Willie and told him all about Piper and Cole. We love you Lexa and miss you dearly. Thank you for being a silly, sassy girl. Thank you for telling us when you were ready to go. You'll forever be in our hearts. R.I.P.

Here are a few pictures of Lexa from over the years...

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