Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Piper Jean!

How is my sweet Piper Jean 6 months old already?? The months are flying by so quickly I may have forgotten to post a 5 month update. I figured I better get this written and out there before she's seven months old already.

In the milestone department, our Sweet P is sitting up like a champ, rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy. She has no interest in crawling, but scoots and rolls to bring things within her reach. She LOVES her Johnny Jumper and is doing a great job leaping up and bouncing around.

She had her 6 month check up earlier this week and she's getting bigger. She's weighing in at 16lbs. 1oz (40th percentile) and she's 26" (38th percentile). We had a bit of a scare when her head came back at the 98th percentile. Apparently that required us to take her in for an ultrasound of her melon to make sure all was well and that there was no swelling. After 24 hours of panic, I rest my head tonight knowing the results came back totally normal. Thank goodness!!

Piper's personality is really starting to shine through. She's enjoying sitting up and playing with anything she can get her little hands on. She's pretty mellow most of the time, but boy oh boy can this girl get squawking when her big brother comes into view. He's taught her to let her voice be heard! Cole continues to be a fabulous big brother, showing her all sorts of attention, sometimes too much!

Piper spent most of month five home with Dad, but now she's back at daycare and spending time with Grammy and Bumps and Aunt Kathy. She's getting used to all the new faces and starting to take a bottle from them daily. She's started solids, which helps ease my mind when she doesn't want to guzzle down her milk. We haven't found a food this girl doesn't like. Even peas.

Sleep could improve, although I probably have to take the blame for the habits she's developed. It's much easier to nurse her back to sleep in a matter of minutes, then to try any sort of sleep training. I know, you all have opinions about that. I am not asking for your thoughts on that. We'll get there when we're ready. For now, I'm enjoying every minute. Okay, not every minute. I hate getting up in the middle of the night, but as a full time working mama, I'm doing the best I can.

We sure do love you, Miss Piper Jean! You're the sweetest lil' gal around. Thanks for putting a smile on my face each and every day! You're loved by so many.

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