Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Piper Jean is 4 Months Old!

Piper's 4 Month Stats
13lbs. 11oz25"

Four months old already...the months are just ticking by. Piper has been loving life. She's been babbling and chatting, giggling and making everyone around her know she's ready to be heard. She's been exploring her toys and is even giving her nuk a try a little bit more. She's chewing on her hands, toes, anything she can get in her mouth! She's starting to drool a lot more and we're wondering if teeth are on their way. 

Piper has been rolling this way and that, sometimes making it from her back almost to her belly. When placed on her belly she's quick to roll over to her back- makes tummy time a little difficult. She's very observant of everything and everyone around her. She especially LOVES Cole and watches his every move. He definitely gets the most smiles and giggles. 

She's grasping at her toys, my hair, my necklaces, everything...she continues to nurse like a champ and has been taking a bottle with Dad since he started his leave in early September. Unfortunately her sleeping habits have slipped up quite a bit. She's waking up at least once each night and is having a tough time getting herself back to sleep. Mom often has to come in to save the day! It's a good thing she's cute! 

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