Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween at Hawthorn Glen

Hawthorn Glen...a beautiful gem in the heart of the city. I have lived in MKE my entire life and never new this amazing place existed. Cole's friend from school, Roman, invited us to join him for the Halloween at Hawthorn Glen event last Friday night. What an awesome fall activity for young kids. Silly skits, a candle-lit walk through the woods, crafts for the kids, outdoor movies, bonfire, pumpkin seeds, hot apple cider, and fun with friends! What a great time! 

Cole's first bus ride...he LOVED it!
Sweet P up past her bedtime

Brotherly love...Cole must give his sister 100 kisses/day!

Cole and his buddy Roman

Crafting it up!

Watching Casper the Friendly Ghost

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