Monday, August 11, 2014


Cole is one of the most photogenic kids I know, but he sure does not like having his picture taken. I have many beautiful pictures of him, but most of them are candid shots taken of him when he's busy. Periodically I can get Cole to actually look at the camera and smile, but that's pretty rare. It's why we don't typically spend money on family photo sessions. 

This past Sunday all of the great grandchildren gathered to have a picture taken with a grandma Marge- 17 kids between the age of 8 weeks (Piper was NOT the youngest) and 12 years. Organizing all of these kids was like herding cats. It was chaotic, but wonderful. 

Although Cole was in good spirits, we once again realized taking an organized picture is not his favorite. It took some coaxing from all parents on deck, but our photographer managed to squeak out a few great shots. Bless her! The first few pictures below I took while with my phone...the last three were from the photographer. 

Look at that pretty dress!
Patiently waiting to get started!

Max holding Piper! 
A very proud Big Brother!
Cole fit in the pail better than the babies! 

We organized the masses- all kids present! 

Cole with his immediate cousins! 

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