Monday, August 18, 2014

My Kind of Town, Chicago!

With Chris and Emery in town from NC we thought it'd be fun to take the train down to Chicago for an overnight adventure. We hopped on the 8am Amtrak to Union Station last Thursday morning. It was a busy train down, but the kids were troopers. We rented a kick ass apartment one block off of Michigan Avenue. We were on the 17th floor and the views were phenomenal. We dropped off our bags, had a little lunch, and then jumped on the L, heading to Wrigley Field. We watched the Brewers beat the Cubs in an outstanding game. After the game we came back to the apartment and ordered some delicious deep dish pizza and explored the amazing views from the roof top lounge. We called it an early night, knowing we were exploring the city the following day.

We had high hopes of going to The Field Museum, but figured we had spent enough money and there was plenty to do for free. We headed over to Millennium Park and enjoyed all that it had to offer. The kids played at the Kids Fest, we listened to music, took pictures in front of the bean and let the kids jump and play in the fountains.

Before we knew it, it was time to make the trek back to Union Station to catch the train back to MKE. We had such an awesome time, and the kids were well behaved (for the most part). We got stuck in the Quiet Car on the way home...I'll admit I was terrified that Cole would lose it or Piper would start crying, but they were both perfect angels the entire ride. Cole passed his time by putting his shoes on Pooh bear and fooling around with Dad.

What a fun trip!!

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