Thursday, June 5, 2014

Soccer Time!

It's hard for me to believe that Cole is old enough to play any sort of organized sport...he's been really into sports this spring, so we took advantage of this interest and signed him up for soccer. He was super enthusiastic and excited about his soccer practice, and was anxious to meet the coach, but inside I knew that as soon as we arrived his shy side would come through. As we were driving to the community center he mentioned he was "anxious" (his word, not mine) because he didn't know any of the kids. I explained that they didn't know him either and that it would be a great way to make new friends. Although he was a little hesitant, he did participate for most of the class. I was very thankful for the male coach- he came over and helped Cole along the way. I did have to get down and kick back and forth with him a bit, but in due time I think he'll be loving it. At one point he was more interested in climbing the bleachers, but with a little coaxing he was out running. 

The only downfall is that it's indoor- I was really hoping he'd be outside in the fresh air, but instead were in the gym. T-ball starts in a few weeks and that will be outdoors, and goodness knows we'll be spending more and more time outside, but I think he would have enjoyed playing in the grass. For $20, I'm not complaining. If it helps him open up with other kids and he has fun, I can't complain! 

Yes, that is Cole waaayyyy down on the other end of the red line. At least he's not at my ankles. 

Thankful for this coach- he ran with Cole and played along side him the entire 45 minutes! 

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