Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reflux? Dairy Intolerance? Ugh!

Cole's been so busy that he's been hogging all of the blog posts...I thought I better share a few pictures and updates about Piper Jean. Last week I took her in to see Dr. Pikna because she started screaming and fussing while nursing. I was quickly taken back almost 4 years to when Cole was that same age. I used to call them Fitful her brother, Piper started arching and fussing almost every time I fed her. 

Without hesitating I called the pediatrician and had the acid reflux conversation with him. He put our baby girl on Zantac for the reflux and told me to give up dairy for ten days. I am not sure why he chose to throw two variables into the experiment, but I guess he just wanted her feeling better as quickly as possible. She has been eating so well and growing beautifully, neither of us wanted that to change. 

I was initially pretty distraught with the idea of not eating cheese, but now that I'm five days in I am realizing it's not so bad. It took a couple days, but we definitely see a difference in Piper. I am not sure if it's the medicine or the lack of dairy in her diet, but something is working. She still gets gassy and burpy, and when that happens she has a nasty cry that makes everyone in the house uptight because it's obvious she's in pain, but nursing has been a lot smoother. 

Five more days and I can slowly start introducing dairy back into my diet to see if she reacts. Pizza will definitely be my first order of business! Every time I miss cheese and yogurt (it's temporarty) I take a peek at the pictures below...that smile is definitely worth it! 

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