Thursday, June 19, 2014

Play Dates with Friends

Cole and Liam are two peas in a pod...we've had a lot of fun over the last few weeks getting together for play dates. The two of them spent the first few visits playing next to one another, but recently they've been doing a lot more interacting with each other. Owen and Eamon joined us for this play date as well...the boys all got along so well together and the Moms were able to chit chat and catch up. We'll definitely be doing this more often. Thanks Kaycee for letting us play with your toys- it's like Toys R Us at your house! Thank you Liam for sharing! 

Little Buddies

High 5's before we leave! 

Believe it or not they did not smack each other in the face! 
Cole's fire station...he is really hoping Liam is going to leave it set up until the next time we come over...yah right! 

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