Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Month Old!

Piper Jean...Lil' Pipes...Sweet P...these are just a few of the names we call our darling little bundle of cuteness. 

8lbs. 12oz (76th percentile)
22" (98th percentile)

It's hard for me to believe that Piper is 1 month old already. The time has gone by so incredibly fast. Life has definitely been turned upside-down in the Sommerville household, but that's not all bad.

Piper Jean is an absolutely perfect baby. She eats like a champion and has from the beginning. I'm nursing every 2-3hours  during the day, but that stretches to 4-6 hours overnight. She gets a bit cranky after she eats sometimes, and we're hoping it's just because she needs to burp and/or poop. That's the only time she gets cranky. She takes FOREVER to burp so sometimes we put her down too early and we regret that in due time. I'm hoping it's not acid reflux, but we'll be watching that. Like her brother, Piper has already been introduced to gripe water and gas drops.

Sleeping has been another win-win for us! Once her belly is full and she's comfortable, Piper is content. She loves kicking around on her activity map or spending time in the Rock n' Play, but isn't a big fan of the swing. If she had it her way she'd be carried in the Baby B'Jorn all day, but that's just not happening. Piper does like laying in her screened in dome outside which makes it a lot easier to play with Cole outside! She's sleeping between 4-5 hours at night when swaddled up. She sleeps her best from about 9:30pm-3am so that's my biggest stretch of sleep. She typically gets up to eat and then dozes back off just as Cole is getting up. I can sometimes sneak another hour or two in if I'm lucky.

Piper loves watching Cole as he plays around her and dotes on her every move. Her fuzzy brown hair is still in place and her eyes are still dark bluish/grey. She loves make pterodactyl noises and oohs and ahhs...Sweet P is very alert and tracks voices and faces- especially moms! She definitely LOVES being held, which is wonderful a lot of times, but makes it difficult when you're trying to make dinner or play soccer with her big brother.

She had her first bottle this month- I'm not, in any way, trying to wean from nursing, but I don't want to wait too long with this sweetie. I made that mistake with Cole and then he never wanted a bottle- everyone that watched him will tell you how frustrating that was! Dad tried initially and she wasn't having it, but Mom came home, tried a different bottle and got her started. Then passed her off for a bit. To make sure she'll take a bottle from someone other than Mom we'll be practicing that once/week. I am not looking forward to pumping, but it's worth it in the long run.

Piper has grown out of most of her newborn clothes- definitely anything with feet. She's super long! We've been working on tummy time- she'll tolerate it for a while, but then gets a bit cranky. Her neck muscles are getting much stronger and she likes to push off with her feet.

It's so hard to pick one or two pics, so I'm posting all of them!

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