Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cole's Last Day of Preschool!

Last Wednesday was Cole's last day of preschool at Just Right. It was a very bittersweet day for this Mom, and even harder for Miss Heather. Heather has been watching Cole since he was 5 months old. I am not sure where I'd be without her. She came highly recommended by my dear friend Sarah Sunshine. After spending 12 weeks at home with Mom and 6 more with Dad, it was VERY hard to send Cole to daycare. At that time Heather was watching kids out of her home. I would drop off that tiny little boy and head to work with tears in my eyes. It is there that he met his dear friend Drew. A little over a year ago, Heather decided to open her own daycare outside of her home with her friend Diane. I didn't know what to expect since Cole had only been in an in-home environment. I was more nervous than he was, but these two amazing ladies always put my mind at ease. They allowed me to linger a little too long in the mornings and sent me reassuring text messages throughout the day to reassure me that Cole was having fun. 

Cole will be starting 3K at Howard Avenue Montessori in the fall so this week was his last hurrah at Just Right. Although he was oblivious to what that really means, Heather and I were definitely crying. I promised her I'd share a lot of pictures on Facebook, and I'm sure Cole will even visit once in a while when I pick up Piper. I can't believe my little guy is going to "big guy" school next year. I know he's ready for it, but I'm not sure I am. Thankful that Jim will be doing the drop off for that! 

Thank you Miss Heather and Miss Diane for taking such good care of Cole. I've never doubted your care and have recommended you two ladies to a number of people. You've taken such good care of Cole and for that we are forever grateful! He will miss you greatly! 

Cole with Miss Heather
Taking in one more kiss! 
Cole with Miss Diane
Cole with his buddy Drew- we are definitely going to have this little friend over during the summer

One last snack with a few of his friends at preschool

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