Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Imagination Gone Wild

As Cole gets older, his imagination and creativity are really coming through. Anyone that knows my mother knows that she is an incredible story teller. Since Cole's been spending time there each week since he was 3 months old, it's no wonder the boy can tell a story like the best of them. Imaginary Stories, otherwise known as Grammy Stories have become Cole's favorite part of rest and bedtime. They're brilliant, actually...We make up an incredible, over the top story about a farm, dump truck, lightning, whatever you can think of. Cole lays down and closes his eyes so he can imagine the scene better. Throw in some soft sound effects and the boy (usually) relaxes and dozes off to sleep pretty quickly. Periodically we will even catch him telling Grammy Stories to himself before falling asleep.

Reading has always been a part of our bedtime routine. There have been nights that we have read 5-6 books before bed. Recently I introduced Cole to the Magic Treehouse chapter book series. I didn't really know what to expect. There are very few pictures and I wasn't sure he'd be into the story without the images to support, but boy was I wrong. We met Jack and Annie when we jumped into Dinosaurs at Dawn, and Cole was hooked from Chapter One. We read one or two chapters each night and I'm absolutely amazed at how much Cole retains and can retell. We have hundreds of  picture books throughout the house, some in every room, but when Cole wants to read he goes upstairs, grabs one of his Magic Treehouse books and brings it downstairs to "read". He spends more time looking at the pages of those books than almost any other picture book...

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