Monday, May 26, 2014

Slowing Down...

In four short weeks I've learned that juggling two kids is A LOT of work. I am not complaining, just explaining that I give HUGE props to the stay at home moms out there. It's exhausting! One of my biggest goals these days is to slow down...I've been finding myself losing my patience, especially with Cole. He doesn't deserve it most days, and I also realize that most days or minutes, my attitude dictates his attitude. 

One way I'm trying to slow down is to live in the present moment and live like Cole does. That's not to say I am not going to take on the responsibilities of my life, but it does mean that I need to enjoy the time I have with him. I need to notice the games he's playing instead of the mess around my house. I need to walk at his speed, not mine. I need to start processes a tad bit earlier knowing it's going to take longer with two. I need to play! 

I know I will lose it some days, I know I need to be patient with myself since I'm functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep a night, but I really want to try hard not to yell, snap or tune out. Today, as I was adding bullets to my to-do list, I set the notebook aside and dug out the paints in the basement. Jim was upstairs installing a new cabinet and sink in our bathroom (no, it's still not working) and I figured Cole would LOVE to make a play house out of the cabinet box. What kid doesn't love a cardboard box? We cut a few holes for windows and doors, and then I thought we could add some color to bring it to life. Cole (and I) loved painting. We didn't quite finish because we got super hot and decided to run through the sprinkler with the neighbors, but there is always tomorrow. 

I know this may seem silly, pointless really, but for me it was a fun moment spent with Cole. Watching him paint his house brought a huge smile to my face. I have to promise myself that when Piper falls asleep during the day I need to use some of those minutes to slow down and play with Cole. Dishes and vacuuming can wait sometimes (not all the time), but this sweet little boy is getting bigger before my eyes and before I know it he won't want me to play with him all the time. 

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