Friday, May 9, 2014

Meet Piper Jean!

Our family would like to welcome Piper Jean Sommerville! 

Piper frantically came into this world on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 at 8:10pm. She weighed 7lbs. 8.6oz and was 20.5 inches long. It was a whirlwind of a delivery! 

I haven't blogged too much about this pregnancy...I sort of feel guilty about that since I documented every little kick with Cole. I guess that's what happens with baby #2. Having been induced with Cole 3 1/2 years ago, I kept telling people the only thing I'm really nervous about is the fact that I won't know when to go to the hospital...I won't know when I'm in labor. Everyone kept saying, "you'll know, you'll know..." Well...I didn't know!

I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions on and off for days- some days were better than others. I went to work on Tuesday and didn't feel great. I chalked it up to being 9 months pregnant and kept teaching. Around lunch time my teammate, Angela, suggested I start timing contractions just to see where I was at. At first they were pretty sporadic, but as the afternoon progressed they became more consistent. By 2:30pm they were coming every 3-4 minutes and lasting for 30-40seconds. I called my OB's office, but Dr. Sternitzky wasn't in that day so I saw Dr. Kufahl. Kaycee drove me to her office and she mentioned I was acting out of character. I had gotten very quiet and extremely uncomfortable. I still didn't think I was in real labor, but wanted to hear what the doctor said. When she told me I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced I should have insisted I go to the hospital. I NEVER dilated or thinned out with took heavy doses of Petocin to get me to move at all. I should have taken the movement as a sign that this was it.

Instead, I went home. Well, actually I went to my parents to pick up Cole. Jim had a track meet that afternoon/evening so I asked my mom to come home with me...just in case. I had been texting Jim since 1:30pm that afternoon...sadly he wasn't responding. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but by 5pm when I got home I was getting a little pissed. I made Cole a PB sandwich and took a bath. He sat at the edge of the bathtub eating as I tried to relax and timed contractions. They were stronger now...I got out of the tub, dried my hair and tried desperately NOT to lose my patience with Cole who would NOT leave my side. at 6pm I finally got a hold of Jim. He was annoyed because he was a track meet. I was annoyed because he wasn't taking me seriously. I finally texted him one last time that read, "I'M IN LABOR" in all caps. That must have gotten through to him because he got home around 6:30pm.

I called Dr. Sternitzky and told her my contractions were about 2minutes apart, lasting a minute. They had been ongoing for well over an hour and a half. She advised me to get moving...I think I was still in denial, but figured I'd better take her advice. She is the expert! When I went downstairs and told Cole and I my mom we were leaving, Cole was hysterically crying. I tried my best to comfort him, but knew I had to leave that moment. I finally walked out the door about 7:05pm. Thank goodness.

We passed the Allen Bradly Clock at 7:15pm. I remember having ridiculous contractions in the car and looking for anything to focus in on. By the time we were going through the MU interchange I felt the urge to was not a comforting feeling. I was scared and in a crazy amount of pain. We pulled into St. Joes' (thank God I didn't deliver at Elmbrook or I would not have made it) around 7:40pm. The check in nurse and other nurses were a little taken back since I was screaming I need to push and begging desperately for an epidural. They had no idea how far along I was. They got me into a labor/delivery room and checked me, only to realize I was well over 8cm dilated. My doctor was called, she was already on the way, and the anesthesiologist came in to inform me it was too late for an epidural. I started freaking out, knowing I did NOT want to deliver without meds! A resident appeared and again I lost it, knowing there was a good chance my OB would not make the delivery. Betsy and Lisa, two amazing nurses at St. Joe's helped me focus and breath. Without them I am not sure I would have gotten through. They pulled my head out of my ass and told me the worst of it was over. The baby was there and all I had to do was push.

Within a minute or two my water broke. With that, we realized that Piper had passed a BM in me so the NICU Team had to be present. She also didn't get the necessary antibiotics since I tested positive for Group B Strep. I was trying not to panic...Dr. S walked in about 7:45pm and was shocked to see I was about to deliver. Three, maybe four, pushes later and our sweet little baby girl was here. It was a pain I have never felt, and one I vividly remember right now. Piper was swept away by the NICU team to be sure none of the BM had made it's way into her. She was screaming from the get-go and let her Mama know she was okay. I heard them scream 8, then 9...her Apgar Scores. Not that they mean anything, but it was reassuring. Jim was a bit in shock and I finally went over to watch her get suctioned out and cleaned. He was able to cut the cord once the NICU felt she was in a good place. Within a short time, my Piper Jean was laying on my chest and all was well.

I remember the uncontrollable shakes taking over my body as the adrenaline took over...none of that mattered. I had made it to the hospital and I had delivered without meds. I was a Rock Star! I stayed downstairs for a couple hours and then they took us up to the recovery floor. Piper had her first bath upstairs and was swaddled and ready for snuggling. Around midnight Jim went home to be with Cole, and this new Mom laid in the hospital room in disbelief!

For a variety of reasons I had to stay at the hospital the full 48 hours. We had many visitors those days, so the time went by quickly. Dr. Pikna, Piper's pediatrician, visiting each day and monitored her progress. She was nursing like a champ, sleeping like a champ and was doing well. Her bilirubin numbers were on watch (we had to go back on Friday after being home to have her checked one last time), but beyond that there was no issue. I am O- and Piper is O+ and our blood mixed at birth...

By Thursday night I was itching to be home...Jen and the kids came for a visit and Jim went to get Cole from Grammy and Bump's house. At 8pm sharp we were finally able to leave St. Joe's at make our way home at last!!

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