Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Could You Be a Fawn?

Havenwoods Nature Center, an awesome state forest on the north side of Milwaukee, is an absolute treasure. Their preschool story times (the second and four Tuesday of the month) are always free for kids... each session includes a story, hands-on activities, an art project, song and time exploring outside. It's a great way to spend your Tuesday morning.

Today Cole learned all about deer and even had the chance to become a baby fawn. He loved rubbing the deer pelt and got right up close and personal for story time. Afterwards he jumped from station to station enjoying all of the different activities. He even cut out ears and spots and turned himself into a fawn before heading out on the wet trails with the teacher.

What an awesome way to spend this rainy Tuesday! We can't wait until next time!!

Checking out the huge fish...
Stamping Fawn Prints
Real bones from a deer that sadly was hit by a car...we tried putting this fella back together.

Making deer noises- antlers clicking together

Story Time- rubbing the deer pelt

Comparing Femur Bones

Cutting out spots!

Feeding the Fawn

Cutting out the ears

Cole did a nice job sticking on his spots...you can see where he can reach

Run, Bambi, Run!

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