Friday, May 9, 2014

Big Brother Cole

Cole's been working on transitioning into having Piper home...he is ABSOLUTELY wonderful with his baby sister. He watches out for her, talks to her, snuggles her, kisses her and takes his role very seriously. With that said, he's REALLY looking for any sort of attention, positive or negative from Mom and Dad--I apologize if you've witnessed the god-awful meltdowns, tantrums, and creative use of words. He's been a bit whiny and needy.

I know that's to be expected, but at times it's exhausting. It seems to be better when we're home and in our normal routine, but as soon as visitors or friends pop over he gets overly silly and at times sassy. Bedtime has been the worst- he typically heads upstairs without issue, gets ready and even listens to stories nicely, but the minute it's time for Mom to walk out the door all hell breaks loose. He needs water, he's hungry, another kiss, another hug, his blankets need to be straightened, he's scared of the dark, of Mr. Todd (a sassy guy from Peter Rabbit), of dinosaurs, of God knows what, he's testing every ounce of my patience. He's also only wanting Mom to put him down which is tough seeing as though I've spent the entire day with him and Piper is typically ready to eat at his bedtime hour. I jump from one child to the other...I try not to complain, realizing that these situations are all temporary, but everyday I have to find the patience to deal with my blessings.

These bubbly fun pictures help me realize that although my sweet baby boy seems so big, deep down he's still little and needs his mama! 

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