Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trick or Treat!

It was an absolutely perfect day for trick or treat...the sun was shining and the kids were out in abundance. Grammy and Bumps, along with Jen and the kids, came over for a yummy lunch before getting on our costumes and heading out. We were so thankful Grammy and Bumps were willing to help us pass out candy so that Jim and I could both take Cole around for tricks and treats. Our darling chicken loved every minute of it.

An enormous cookie from Grammy and Bumps

Cole picked out Bumpa's lunch chair at 8:15am this morning...he was excited he was coming to eat with us. 

Grammy helping Cole get his costume on...

Our sweet chicken.

Definitely a calendar shot! Look at these two!

Cole's friend Jack from next door...

Jack and Molly are our new neighbors...we love having them next door!

Bumpa passing out treats so we can cruise the hood...

Noah, our chipmunk

Feel the cousinly love...

Marilyn, our neighbor, spoiled Cole with an extra special treat...

Miss Linda had another surprise in store. Our neighbors are so good to us. 

Our chicken is on the run

Jen and Noah- great job on the costume.

Erica, our friendly witch

readjusting our yard decorations

they held hands down the warmed my heart

Our fearless chicken ventured in all by himself

Cole's first rest stop...apparently he's getting tired.

Pit stop may be time to head for home

They're all a little petered out

We love you, Cole!

Another successful Halloween!

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