Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Cole!

Three!?!? Really? My sweet little boy is 3 already!?!? It seems like just yesterday Jim and I were making our way to Waukesha Memorial Hospital with butterflies in our stomachs, nervous about the arrival of our sweet baby boy. Now, three years later Cole is a feisty bundle of energy and spunk!

Three Year Old Stats

Cole's three year check up is later this week so I'll be sure to add his stats once I know them. He's been growing like a weed and maturing before our eyes. Cole continues to be a great sleeper, he loves Cars, vehicles of any kind, singing/music and building things. His vocabulary is amazing and often gets him in a bit of trouble when he talks back to Mom and Dad. He knows all the words to an incredible number of songs and sings while he plays. He plays very well independently and has an incredible imagination. Sometimes were in awe watching him play!

At three, Cole is definitely testing his boundaries and seeing how far he can push Mom and Dad. We are fortunate to be able to tag-team parenting situations when these moments arise. He doesn't love hearing the word "no" (who does, right?) and it can get him in trouble when he ignores what we're saying. Sitting still long enough to eat still isn't Cole's favorite thing to do, but if you put one of his favorites in front of him he'll gobble up his food like a champ. He loves cheesy noodles, peanut butter sandwiches, cucumbers w/ dip, cheese/hummus/crackers, fruit, and M&Ms are always a hit. In the near future we'll be making the transition to a Big Guy Bed (Mom and Dad are really in no hurry since Cole never tries climbing out) and Mom's anxious to say goodbye to the nuk...

Cole still spends three days each week with Miss Heather at Just Right and he goes to Grammy & Bumps one day and Aunt Kathy & Uncle Donn's another day. He is so fortunate to have these awesome caregivers in his life. He has made a lot of great friends and does a great job interacting with others and sharing his toys. Like most children, Cole is typically on his best behavior while at school, but saves his spicy behavior for Mom and Dad. The Sommerville house is thrilled to say that Cole is potty trained, only wearing Pull Ups at nap and bedtime. He has no problem going poops and pees on the big toilet and is very independent about getting on the toilet and going all by himself. He still needs helping wiping after a BM, but he'd prefer his "privacy" in the bathroom and likes to do it "all by myself."

To celebrate Cole's 3rd Birthday we had a Cars party at our house on Saturday. Cole was surrounded by his favorite family and friends and was overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. He just kept saying, "Oh, my goodness!!" He had an absolute blast and wished his party would never end. I really think he was hoping everyone was going to sleepover night. A big thank you to Grammy and Bumps for bringing the awesome cake. Cole loved it! It's always hard planning a party the week we head back to school, but we pulled it off and Cole had an amazing birthday. We love you buddy!

Kid's Goodie Bags

Construction Cone Sippy Cups

Cars were decorating the house everywhere!

Cole thought it'd be a good idea to zoom the cars across the top of the cake...Mom was not thrilled. 

We loved putting tattoos on all of our guests!

We love your tattoo, Grammy!

Cole applying a tattoo to Uncle Dave

I'm 3!!

"Happy Birthday to You!

Make a wish...

and blow out the candles, Big Guy! 


Time for presents...

He loved his Dusty towel

Politely reading the cards before tearing open the presents.

Giving hugs and saying thank you for all of the generous gifts!

Awesome plane from Jack and Molly

Writing thank you notes the next morning. 

Playing with the amazing bubble maker from Amanda!

"So awesome, Mom!"

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