Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tomorrow Will Be Better...

From a parenting perspective today was not a great day...we have definitely hit the "terrible 2s/almost 3s" in the Sommerville house. I am not sure if it's the fact that our entire family is home together all day, every day, but this moment of quiet could not come fast enough. Cole has been testing his boundaries with Jim and I and it's taking a lot of patience from both of us to keep it together. 

We had a great morning, but come lunch time Cole hit a wall of exhaustion and absolute crabbiness. You'd think an afternoon nap would help, but it didn't. He woke up crabby and was irritable through dinner. For a change of pace I pulled out the watercolors and the two of us painted this was absolutely wonderful for three pages of painting, BUT...then he had an accident and proceeded to meltdown all over again. 

It took every ounce of patience left in my body to pick up his screaming self and carry him upstairs this evening. Instead of getting worked up and mad, I snuggled him in close and whispered "Mommy loves you..." over and over while he kicked and thrashed and then eventually calmed down, knowing his sweet little soul was in there somewhere it just needed to be coerced out.  

I am a feisty person, Jim is a feisty's no wonder our son is a feisty little boy. It will take him far in life, but I'm glad today is over. Today was a test...tomorrow will be better. 

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