Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Animals Get Hungry Too!!

WWhat an awesome morning! Cole and I met his buddies Cael and Liam at Havenwoods Nature Center for a "big guy class" (that's what Cole calls them). We learned all about what animals eat...we read a story, learned sign language for a poem, watched a fat toad devour a worm, learned what different animals eat, became mice and chased nuts in the grass, and ended with a snake and mouse art project! All that and it was free! Then we took advantage of the beautiful trails and went for a short hike before heading for home. We had a ton of fun!!

The toad went potty right on the sheet..."accidents happen..."
Eyeing up his lunch...
Yummy said the toad!
Warming up...still a little shy
Getting warmer...
Sign language for "rabbit"
...and owl...
What do bees eat? 

What do snakes enjoy?
All warmed up and ready to run!

Finding nuts for our mice and...
Racing them back to the teacher!
Learning how to make our art project!
Thanks for teaching me how to use scissors Grandma Jeanne!
Slithering Snake!
This darling mouse made out of film canisters...he evens open up so he can eat!
The mouse eats the nut...
The snake eats the mouse...do you see him in there?

Cole wondered if the Big Bad Wolf was down this way...
No Big Bad Wolf when you're being a sweetie!
Hard to see, but this little toad was following us on the trail...

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