Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Nugget

IIt's been over a week since we said good bye to Big Willie...we got his ashes back this past week and I put together a shadow box of memories and photos. I'll have to look for a better box to keep his remains. Everyday gets a little easier for us- Including Lexa. I knew she'd miss her partner in crime, but I didn't realize how much.

Jim and I adopted Willie ten years ago, so he was an only dog for a good 3-4 years...Lexa was our wedding gift to each other so she's never known a world of only dog. When we'd leave her buddy Will was always around. It took Nugget a few days to eat, but she's slowly coming around. Her energy levels are coming back and she definitely wants to be a part of our pack- she's been joining us for outings, walks, and scurries to the door whenever she hears the keys. 

I know deep down Big Willie will always be with her, but for now she's finding great comfort in others and loving the doting from Cole!

Everyone loved Lexa at the Farmers Market. 
Cole picked out this cow for Lexa at a recent trip to Target. 
In the past you'd find Lexa on her if Cole is awake she's never too far from him. Playing Cars and Planes was exhausting for her!

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