Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 6- Is it Summer or Fall?

Well, we were graced with beautiful weather all week, but Saturday came and with it Fall temperatures. Go figure this was the day we planned to spend with Darryl at Okauchee Lake. What should have been a day filled with swimming, fishing and boating was actually a day filled with layers of warm clothes and lunch inside, not out.

Jim did take the boys down to the pier to catch a few fish and Darryl did take us out on the boat, but we were bundled with multiple sweatshirts and tons of blankets. I guess I can't complain though...we get plenty of 80 degree days in October, so I guess I can't argue with a 60 degree day in July...I will say it was poor timing though.

You'd never guess it's July 27...

winter caps in late summer?!??!

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