Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Distraction...

Jim and I needed to distract ourselves so we figured we'd spend the weekend enjoying the South Shore Frolics. 

Yesterday we went to the parade in the morning and then to the playground by the lakefront. Today We took in the car show and Cole couldn't resist the bounce houses...

The weather was gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still thinking of Big Willie. It has to get easier, I know that, but boy there is a hole in my heart right now. We've lived in Bayview for ten years with Willie by our side the entire time...wherever we go there are memories of him. 

Before dinner Cole went swimming in Shelley and Miguel's pool...typically, even up until the end, Willie would watch from our fence to be sure Cole was we dragged Lexa out. 

I went for a run tonight to get my mind off of Willie...this is the hardest time of day for Jim and I. After Cole was born our dogs took a back seat, but come 8pm Willie knew I'd be pouring a glass of wine and getting ready to snuggle. I love my days with Cole, but I always looked forward to time with my big guy. 

Lexa has definitely been down the last two days...she finally went in the back yard late this afternoon- only because I forced her out. She did eat a few bites of her food and chewed a bone we got her, but mainly she's been sleeping. We're giving her extra attention and she, like I, will be okay in time. 

Miss you Big Guy. All my love. 

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