Sunday, June 16, 2013

Practicing Our Patience

Well summer vacation is upon us...and as much as our days at home are wonderful, it also means POTTY TRAINING. I have to admit I have been DREADING this for months! Cole is an absolute busy body, never sitting still, the thought of getting this boy to relax long enough to have a BM on the toilet...wish me luck! 

Bumpa and Grammy came over yesterday to celebrate an early Father's Day and I told Cole to show them his new undies...he immediately wanted to sit on the potty. At that moment the only thing to do is race to the bathroom and give it a go. He did in fact get himself to pee on the potty and then wanted to wear his undies. After everyone showed him their Big Guy (or girl) Undies (even Bumpa dropped his drawers), Cole was proud to be sporting them too! 

In the last two days we have had some successes and many accidents...Cole is great when we remind him to have a potty check, but he's not quite bringing it to our attention yet. A part of me is stressing about this, but deep down I know I have to just go with the pun intended! 

Diapers are history (except at bedtime)...Cole's picked out some snazzy new underwear and we have Pull Ups for on the go! 

The Sommerville's will be traveling with a potty in the back for a while- let us know if you gotta go! 

So proud of you Cole!! I know you can do it!! 

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