Monday, June 17, 2013

Lil' Doops!

To make Cole more aware of when he needs to go potty, we decided to have a Naked Bottom Monday!! 

Without underwear or Pull Ups on Cole was able to realize he had to go potty and run to the toilet. I think we've made about 50 trips up the steps to the bathroom...whatever it takes!! Some trips were successful, some were just for practice. Either way, Cole initiated the potty going process so that's huge!! 

During breakfast Cole told me he ha to poop so we hopped down and he ran to the potty...this isn't the greatest picture, but he pooped on the potty all by himself!!!

At this point we are hanging out, eating snacks and having lots of drinks...bring on the potty!

Cole's Potty Chart...Cars, of course!

Every potty training boy needs a treat jar!!

M&M's were Cole's treat of choice!

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