Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grant Park Hike

One of my requests for the birthday weekend was to get outside and enjoy the weather. We've waited so long for spring to arrive so when the temperatures are in the 60s I'm anxious to get feel the sun on my face.

After nap time we took Cole to Grant Park for a hike...I was hoping to show him Seven Bridges, but it was Prom night and that location was ridiculously busy. There are plenty of other places to explore, so we ventured a little further down and found a great path right along the creek.

Jim had brought the camera (so thankful for that) and snapped some amazing shots while we were out and about...a few of my current favorites were taken in this batch!


posing for daddy

that smile warms my heart

these moments are priceless...

talking about a nature and its beauty

our tree hugger

playing hide and seek

Cole wanted me to hug him and the tree

could be my all time favorite picture of us...


we followed this couple the entire way back to the car...they showed us the way to go

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