Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Jim's track season is under way which means that Cole and I are flying solo a few nights a week because of meets and practice. I rushed home tonight, got changed, and picked Cole up from Kathy and Donn's so that we could make it to Daddy's first meet of the season. The indoor meets are great for Cole because we're up close and personal with all of the action. It's harder when you have to sit in the bleachers so far away.

I had packed Cole a variety of his favorites for dinner tonight and we ate while watching the high jumpers do their thing...Jim was taking heights so that made it even better for Cole. After the majority of the jumpers were finished, and Cole was done eating, we went down on to the floor to get in on the action. It took Cole about 1 minute to decide that he wanted to give the high jump a try.

He backed himself up to the starting line, like he'd watched so many of the middle schoolers do, then he took a running start directly into the pit. He even rolled over on to his back like the "big guys" were doing. From that point on there was no containing him. He was cruising the gym, racing and yelling "ready, set, go!"

DISCLAIMER: the pictures are blurry, but they're the best I could do in the moment.

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