Sunday, March 10, 2013

Half Way to 3

2 1/2...what? How is that even possible? It seems like just yesterday my sweet little boy was learning to walk and exploring the world around him. Now he's half way to three! I don't have stats from the pediatrician to share, but I can tell you all of the amazing things I know about the greatest boy on Earth!

Cole has definitely come out of his shell and into his own in the last 6 months. He's extremely verbal and able to carry on entire conversations in complete sentences. Although he's still pretty shy in new situations, as soon as he warms up he's raring to go and ready to talk your ear off. Even Bumpa can understand most of what he says and that says something. Cole continues to LOVE music and Jim and I are constantly shocked at how quickly he learns music and new songs. He enjoys his kid's music, but also sings along to a lot of country music including Big Green Tractor and Friends with Tractors. You sing him a song 2-3 times and he knows it...I can't promise all of the words are correct, but even when I sing the songs I make up lyrics as I go, right? He is counting items left and right, singing his ABC's, and matching up everything in sight by color. Our summer goal is letter recognition and SPORTS!

Cole continues to enjoy vehicles of all shapes and sizes...trains, cars, tractors, construction vehicles, buses...he's a fan of his tractors and his farm, he's still racing Matchbox cars down the stairs, and the Cars characters have become a new favorite. It is absolutely adorable to watch him reenact the Tractor Tipping scene from the Cars movie...Here Comes Frank! We're working on sharing, which is not one of his favorite things, but I'm hoping that will come in time. Along with that Cole is very much a busy body, loving to run and explore outside. We're anxiously awaiting spring time in Wisconsin so we can feel the sun on our faces and the breeze in our hair again. We've used the winter months to sled and go on indoor adventures, but we're ready to break up our days outside or at the playground.

Cole has definitely become a spicy fry- his spunky, at times feisty, personality keeps us on our toes and forces Jim and I to turn the other way when we want to laugh at some of his comments. "In a minute" and "No..." have become part of his vocabulary and it's enough to drive us crazy. With that we also see a very gentle, loving side to Cole as well. He is so gentle with the babies at school and talks about them constantly. He LOVES to snuggle with us, and is very affectionate. He's quick to say, "I need a hug, Mama..." and tells us "sweet dreams...I love you to the moon and back" every night. Just within the last few weeks he's become a little more attached at bedtime, but we know it's just a phase.

This past November Cole moved with Heather to her new school- Just Right. It's located on 121st and Bluemound so my commute is much better than in the past. For the most part it's been a great transition, although we've noticed a few new habits we wish we could curtail. As two educators, Jim and I understand that is all normal. Miss Diane is his new teacher (Miss Heather primarily works with the babies, but she's always in Cole's sight) and she is great for him. He seems to be doing well in the school environment and we love the art projects and stories he comes homes with.

For the most part, sleeping continues to be one of Cole's best qualities...he's still heading to bed around 7:30pm most nights, and sleeps until 7 or 7:30am on the weekends. Our bedtime routine is usually my favorite part of the day because he smells of sweet baby and snuggles up close for story time. He's taking consistent naps each day and wakes up happy go lucky. Eating has it's good moments and bad...he has his favorites- Grammy's cheesy noodles, pizza, know, the standards, but isn't quick to try new foods. Maybe that's our fault because we're kind of lazy eaters as of late, but we figure in due time.

Our handsome young boy is growing up before our eyes and we're trying to enjoy every minute...I will admit I am exhausted many days and a rambunctious toddler can kill anyone's patience, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Jim and I are so lucky to call Cole our own. We love you Cole!

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