Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deep Breathes...

Parenting is the most rewarding job in the entire world...anyone that has a child will agree with that statement. With that, it can also be absolutely exhausting and overwhelming.

I'm writing this post tonight because we had an almost PERFECT evening in the Sommerville household. Hold your horses, that shit doesn't happen very often. Cole had an awesome report from school- a lot of please and thank yous, and no problem, Miss Dianes...we made it home before 5pm!! for the first time in months, dinner was a breeze and Cole gobbled up his scrabbled eggs, veggies, and fruit by himself, no questions asked without bribes, we had extra time to play after dinner (no arguments about eating), managed to squeak in a bath, read stories and sang lullabies without fussing about going down for bed, AND Cole didn't ask what happened to Shark Attack (that's another post). All in all, it was a great night. It's evenings like this that I wonder...what did we do differently to make it so wonderful?

Do not misunderstand me, our nights are not typically awful, but Cole is definitely testing us in every aspect of the word...he can be the most sweet, down to earth, easy to love little boy one minute and a screaming, whining, "no, stop it, I don't want to" two year old the next. We're in full swing with the terrible it really terrible? Not really, but it can be exhausting after a full day of work. As a two teacher household Jim and I hope to raise a well rounded young boy that is respectful to adults and kind to all people. Anyone that spends a great deal of time with Cole would agree he is well on his way, but boy or boy can he test us somedays.

As much as I'm a reader, I've never been one to pick up a parenting magazine or book. I didn't read the What to Expect books, never wanted the BabyCenter updates during pregnancy, and I try not to compare Cole to others at his age. Right now though, I'm hoping that the parenting handbooks would tell me that the sassy talk, behaviors, and good days and bad are all normal. I'm also trying to remind myself that he's TWO YEARS OLD and that he's testing his boundaries and exploring his independence. If anyone understands that concept it's his mom!

I am tryingto stay calm, we're all working on no yelling, and keeping the comments and talk positive. Deep breathes (and wine) keep me sane and remembering to talk to Cole in a soothing voice so he doesn't scream and sass back. Someone told me once the importance of not punishing a child when you're angry or in the heat of the moment. Up until now I've used that advice in my classroom, but I'm learning it's importance in my home as well. It's a lot easier to rationalize with an irrational two year old when you're both in a relaxed frame of mind.

For today, I'll document our awesome night so I can refer back to it on my more difficult ones. I will also leave you with a few of my latest Pinterest finds...please don't be offended by the language. If you know me, the words aren't shocking...maybe to you, but not to me.

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