Saturday, February 16, 2013

the Domes!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn called us during Cole's after sledding meltdown this past Saturday wondering if we were interested in checking out the train exhibit at the Domes. The minute I could get him to stop crying long enough to tell him Uncle Donn had called, Cole was all ears wondering what he wanted. At the mention of their names, Cole was ready to dry his eyes, have a snack and take on another adventure. I was a little more hesitant, but figured, what the hell...let's go!

I will admit that the Domes exhibit was not as large as the one at Discovery World, but it was an awesome way to spend a freezing cold afternoon. Walking through the trains and the Desert and Tropical Dome almost made it feel like summer. Cole just loved running along the pathways.

With nap time approaching we took another risk by taking Cole out for a pizza lunch at Transfer. One spilled glass of water was our only mishap of the afternoon. By the time we got home at 3pm we were all ready for a nap. I think Cole would've slept through dinner had I not woken him up at 4:30pm!

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