Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hoping everyone had a love filled Valentine's Day...Cole shared Valentine's (thank you Pinterest) with his friends at school for the first time. He loved coming home and looking through all of the cards and goodies in his Valentine bag. It's charming how much they can adore a 2"x3" paper with Elmo on it. Because of my Thursday meeting I came flying in the house after 5pm, but that just meant Hector's take out, a glass of wine, and a quiet evening at home...what more could I ask for?

Valentine's for the babies at school

Cars for the boys...

Burt's Bees for the girls...

Extras for whoever needed them!
Heart Shaped Muffin Tops- Apple Cinnamon

Cole's new straw from Miss Heather &
Miss Diane!

Tulips (picked out by Cole) from Jim!

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