Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cole is o-FISH-ally 2!

Exactly two years ago this evening, I was laying in a hospital bed with the smallest baby I've ever held  in my life laying on my chest. I whispered to him a promise...

I promised him I'd always love him, always care for him, and always be there for him. I admitted to that small bundle that I was terrified and that I had NO idea what kind of mother I would be, but that I'd try. I promised him I'd try harder at this than at anything else I've ever done in my life...and I meant it. As I spoke to him his eyes focused and he looked right at me, I realized at that moment that he knew who I was, he recognized my voice. It was like he was saying, "I know her...she's been talking to me for the last nine months." I remember watching his eyes droop and finally close, I let out the breath that I apparently had been holding, knowing that my son was laying all of his trust in my arms. It was in that second that I fell in love with Cole James Sommerville and I knew that it wouldn't be easy, but I'd become damn good mom.

LOVE this quote
2! Cole is 2! And what an amazingly perfect birthday for him! Cole's been talking about his birthday all week. Okay, I'll be honest, we've all been talking about Cole's birthday all week. When he walked down the stairs today and saw all of the fishy decorations, his eyes lit up with sheer joy. He jumped from the bottom step and began skipping and singing, "Happy Birthday to Cole!" Watching him, that feeling came over me again. That same feeling I'd felt in the hospital bed. That feeling of complete love.

We had a bit of cleaning to do for the party, so Jim took Cole to Toys R Us to pick out a gift for himself...that gave me a bit of time to finish prepping & cleaning for the day. To no one's surprise Cole and Dad came back with Cars cars (AKA- cars with eyes). After lunch, Cole easily went down for a nap and Jim and I kicked it into high gear to get ready for Cole's party. We weren't really sure how Cole was going to react to the number of people that were coming to celebrate him. Most were family that he sees regularly, but when he woke up a bit on the cranky and clingy side I got a little nervous.
Cole's Invitation

Goldfish Treat Bags

M&Ms and Swedish Fish snacks

Treat bags all ready to go!
Jim thought I was crazy for wrapping the plastic ware, but
I thought it looked absolutely darling!
Cole's Memory Candle
Fishy Cupcakes--- they turned out PERFECT!

It didn't take long for him to realize that all of these wonderful people were here for HIS birthday...and they brought presents (I can't believe he knew what they were, that they were for him, and how to open them!). Before you knew it he was prancing around in his red Chuck Taylors smiling and flirting with everyone in sight.

Recycled from last year's party! 
Loving his balloon
Red Chucks

Grandma Colleen and Papa
Playing in the backyard
Little Blue Truck in hand
Of course Cole had to mow!

Cole LOVES Eric

Time to sing
Couldn't believe everyone was singing to him!

Only ate the M&M's...
"More please..."
On to a blue cupcake...
Again, he only ate the M&Ms

Present Time! Noah showing Cole his new "car with eyes"
Cars in an egg carton...only from cousin Noah! Love him.

Crazy Liam!

Cole's been eyeing up this box from Dammi and Bumpa for a week!
We love the "choo-choo table"! Can't wait to set it up!
Loving up his farm animals book
Brody Bear
Cole's First Atlas- with the sweetest inscription
New Automoblox cars from Grandma Colleen
Cole's new bike from his cousin Eric and Uncle Darryl

We all had such an awesome day. I think Cole would've loved to stay up until 10pm playing with all of his new cars and tractors, but by 8pm our little man was out cold. I stood above him for an extra few minutes tonight, just watching him. Utterly amazed at how he's grown in the last two years. Utterly amazed at how I have grown in the last two years.
It wouldn't be a successful birthday
without a bump on the head!

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