Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A you're Adorable!

So last week or so I published a post after an extraordinarily tough afternoon with Cole. Because of that, and because I just adore my child so much, I had to follow up that post with this one...

Last week Jim and I went back to work...for all of the working parents out there, you know that means that Cole has to go back to daycare. I'll begin by saying we are EXTREMELY fortunate to have remarkable care providers for Cole. With that said, it's not easy to transition from home back to daycare. Last week we only had one day of fits and screaming...this week I'm hoping for even less. Whenever I say goodbye, I just have to remind myself that he's only upset because he misses that time with mom and dad. I'm well aware that in most instances he's fine with ten minutes, but it doesn't make drop off any easier.

With every tough drop off though there is a rewarding pick up...with a delightful, "Hi, Mama!" Tonight I picked Cole up from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn's house. He was all smiles, excited to tell me about his fun filled day. Of course I had gotten the day's run down from Aunt Kathy, but Cole could clearly tell me all about his adventures for the day through just a little questioning. On the way home he told me he wanted cheesey eggs for dinner. I can tell you at that moment, my dinner plan of chicken and pasta went out the window and we were all eating eggs (okay, not all of us...I hate eggs).  My eyes welled up with tears realizing my sweet little baby is quickly becoming a little boy. 

By the time we finished dinner I peeked at the clock and realized it was already 6:15pm... I walked into the kitchen to pick up the dishes and pack Cole's lunch for tomorrow. Cole followed me in, pulled on my leg and asked, "Play, Mama?" It took me a second, I'm not going to lie, I almost told him I needed to clean up and pack lunches, but then I remembered what time it was and that I'm back to having just over 2 hours a night with Cole. I dropped everything, sat down on the floor, and played choo-choos with my son. The dishes could wait, the lunches could wait, pick up could wait...Cole did not need to wait. 

In the blink of an eye, it was bedtime. I thought for sure Cole would argue about having to clean up. When I started singing the clean up song, Cole popped up and helped me put all of his trains away. He buzzed into the kitchen to say night, night to Willie and Lexa, and gave Daddy a hug before taking my hand and walking upstairs with me. Without a fight he laid down to get his PJs on and picked out his books. Then he snuggled in close and quietly listened to his stories. With eyes drooping we turned off the night light and I sang my favorite lullaby to Cole..."A your Adorable".

Not every night is this wonderful...far from it actually. But if I am quick to post about my days as a failing parent, then I need to be even quicker to post when I sit down at night feeling like a rock star parent.

We love you Cole! Daddy and I can NOT believe you're turning 2 on Saturday. Patience my sweet boy...three more days and we have the weekend to play!

"A You're Adorable"
A you're adorable
B you're so beautiful
C you're a cutie full of charm
D you're delightful and
E you're exciting and
F you're a feather in my arms
G you look good to me
H you're so heavenly
I you're the one I idolize
J you're like Jack and Jill
K you're so kissable
L you're the love light in my eyes
M, N, O, P...I could go on all day
Q, R, S, T...alphabetically speaking, you're okay
U make my life complete
V you're so very sweet
W, X, Y, Z...it's fun to muddle through the alphabet with you, to show you what you mean to me!

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