Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sending Michael Off...

Michael may not leave for another week or so, but we decided last night would be a great night to celebrate his birthday and wish him well before his next big adventure! I feel like I've said this a dozen times in the last two days, but I CANNOT believe Michael is going off to college.

Being the youngest in my family, Michael was the first child I watched grow up from birth on...I can remember the day he was born. He was the sweetest, cutest little toddler- always with a smile on his face. He was as stubborn as all get out and hated losing. The last 19 years really have flown by and now that sweet little boy is a full grown man heading off to the University of Minnesota.

We are so proud of you Michael! Have a ton of fun, study hard, and behave yourself (at least a little bit...). We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving and hear all about your first semester!

I forgot the good camera at home, sorry for the terrible iPhone pics. I guess they're better than nothing.

Cole squeals with delight whenever he sees Eric and Michael

Blurry because quite frankly they do not stop moving!

Grandma pulled a truck out of her pocket...magic

The boxing machine...I need one of these in the basement

Celebrating Eric and Michael's Birthdays as wel

These two shared an entire pizza...

Grandma Jeanne and Michael...her first grand child


Eric's gonna miss that big brother of his...

"Daddy...I see boats!"


I'll miss you Michael!

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