Friday, August 3, 2012

Moo Cows at the State Fair

I made the mistake of telling Cole we were headed to State Fair in the morning. After reading our stories last night at bedtime, I told him how we were going to go see cows and horses and chickens in the morning. From the moment he woke up this morning he was yelling "Moo, Cows...Moo, Cows...". He definitely remembered.

We met Val, Matt, and Brody at the Cattle Barn and began our tour of farm animals...Brody was a bit tired so they didn't stay very long, but Cole was a trooper and lasted from 10-2pm. We made our way around to see all of the animals...the cows about three times. Cole rode the big slide twice- once with Dad and once with Mom and took in everything that you call WI State Fair. No cream puffs for this family, but we did munch on WI cheese and beer.

It was another hot day and we knew Col was ready to head home when he laid his beat red face down on Dad's shoulder and asked for his nuk. Although he crashed within two minutes of being in the car, he's now fighting a nap upstairs in his crib...go figure!

Cole's 2nd Year at the Fair!

In awe of all the rides...

Old Fashioned "Ambi Truck"

Coolest Chicken at the Fair
Mooooo, Cows!

Cole and Brody loving the cows
Sweet Baby Chicks

Friendly Goat

Carlie...Mom's favorite animal at the fair. She had the best markings!

BIG tractor

"Tractor Mow"

"HUGE tire"

Playing in the grain...

Way better than sand!
Great scooping!
This sheep just had a haircut!

Chubby Pigs that look like Lexa

Tiny piglets! So cute

Cole crashed two minutes after the AC started blowing...
I wish he was still sleeping now in his crib 

So glad we were able to make the fair before we head out of town for vacation!

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