Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Green Meadow Petting Farm

It's hard to believe it's the last week of summer vacation. I've been dreading this week for the entire summer, and now that it's here I'm doing everything in my power to just relax and enjoy every last minute at home with Cole. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and at times being home with Cole full time was absolutely exhausting, but I'll miss our laid back, relaxing days with little to do but go on adventures.
LOVE this sign
Nothing says summer like a beautiful sunflower
With less than a week until the school bell rings, I took a look at our summer bucket list to determine which of our adventures needed to be tacked this week. With Cole's new obsession with "moo cows" the Green Meadow Petting Farm, seemed like heaven in his little world. This gorgeous Tuesday was the day to watch magic come to Cole's eyes. The zoo is awesome, but the fact that Cole could get up close and personal with almost all of the animals at this petting farm brought a smile to his face and a sparkle in his eyes. He ran from animal to animal shouting their names along the way, anxiously awaiting the gate to be opened. We must have said, "slow Cole, be gentle" a thousand times. Slow and gentle was what he was...he calmly walked up to each animal and said, "hi moo cow" "hi duck" "hi pig" before gently patting each one. We had to remind him several times that he couldn't grab their heads and kiss them (his favorite thing to do to Willie and Lexa).
sweet baby duck

little baby chick

this dwarf lop bunny was absolutely darling

sheer delight

Cole loved him

this one too!

Cool wooden horse

wooden tractor

the goats were Mom's favorite...they're the sweetest

totally fun playground for kids

slides atop HUGE tires

chicken coop

Cole tried, but couldn't catch a chicken- only Dad could grab em'
Only Cole could fit in the coop though

A welcome sight for Cole- he explored so many animal areas

Dad's dream!

Cole scaring the "gobby-gobbies" and Mom

More goats...these guys had to be fed before entering

pot-belly pigs...snorting


Sweet faced cow

Dad and Cole milking the cow

These piggies were sound asleep and snoring
This porker had a slight resemblance to Lexa

BIG Green Tractor

Beautiful horse...

These cows definitely had the "whoa partner" sign outside their gate!

The kitties were so sweet and little...patient as all get out!

They let Cole pick them right up!

This kitty would've come home with us!

so many baby ducks

After exploring the barns, Cole went on his first pony ride...only with Mom by his side and his first hay ride. He couldn't wait to climb aboard the tractor pulled hay wagon, but wasn't all that thrilled when it finally started moving. It took him a few minutes and Mom's lap for him to realize it was really great. When the tractor was parked and we were waiting to get off of course he say, "more tractor mama"!
A little more brave once Mom came with

Cole even smiled, but only wanted to go around once...


Getting the grain and rocks out of our shoes- thanks, Dad.

Cole and Daddy on the tractor hayride!

We ate a quick lunch before heading home for a late afternoon nap...what a great way to spend our last Tuesday of summer vacation! We'll definitely be heading back there again in the fall for pumpkin picking!

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