Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dirty Girl!!

THE MUD ON MY BACK WILL SAVE A RACK...that was our team name for crazy Dirty Girl Run. It may have been my first year, but you better believe I'll be recruiting women for next year's race. What an awesome way to raise money for breast cancer research! I can't remember the last time I have laughed and had so much fun...the day was made even better since Jim brought Cole and we could make a family day of it (much credit being given because Cole was up late last night and there were 1000's of people there...thank you, Jim).

We met Kari and the Wojo's at the Goerke's Corners Park and Ride around 9am, ready for a day in the MUD! I will admit, the butterflies were fluttering in my tummy anticipating this race. I knew it wasn't timed and that it was all in good fun, but I'm a tad bit competitive and feared being unable to complete one of the obstacles.

We're finally here!! VERY long line to get into the fair grounds

Shockingly the check-in lines weren't too long

The boys...Our cheering section
For those of you unfamiliar with the Dirty Girl Run, it's an all girl 5K race with 11 mud-filled obstacles throughout the race forcing you to run, walk, climb and crawl through a boat load of mud and dirt. Once I got checked in and saw all of the other ladies out for the fun, my nerves settled and I knew I could handle it. Thankfully we didn't have too much time to stand around before WAVE 11 was being called to the starting line. With our matching outfits clean and bright, we were ready to turn those neon yellow shirts dark brown!
Squeaky Clean and Ready to Go!

My sweet baby Cole won't recognize me afterwards

Kari and I

Angie and I

Writing our race numbers on our arms

Jim and Wojo were able to cruise around and get quite a few pictures of us, but the majority of the race was blocked off unless you were racing. They did catch the last 2-3 obstacles, a few of the toughest, and the muddiest, and the finish line! Thanks for the memories was a great day!!

Wave 11- 10:45am Starting Line

Bouncy Slide for Grown Ups

Kari in the air

So damn fun!

And we're off...

Little did we know what was right up ahead...

Just past that fence were 5 tubes that we had to army crawl through...

Coming out of the woods...home stretch

One quick pic before the wall

This was not my favorite...wet and slippery. I was shaking

Those were big gaps in between the 2" steps

Angie is all smiles...thanks for catching my ass, Jim

And I made it!

We thought this was the last of the mud...

Then we ran up to this mess...

Get down!



We had mud everywhere!

Notice how far away from them I one wanted a hug
 After snapping a few pictures in our muddy clothes, we made our way over to the Swine Barn to hose off and change clothes...damn that water was cold! Go figure, I forgot a towel, but thankfully Kari was willing to share hers with me. Crazy Angie didn't even change...they were a tad bit chilly...It took quite a while to hose off- we had mud in every nook and cranny. We certainly weren't clean, but clean enough to put on dry clothes and grab some much needed food and beer!

I'm already looking forward to next year ladies!

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