Monday, August 20, 2012

Cole's 1st Haircut

Cole is turning 2 in about two weeks, but today was his very 1st haircut! It took our sweet little man almost a full year to get any hair atop his head, but since then it's been getting longer, but not darker. The long, comb-over look across the top has been driving Dad crazy all summer so today was the day.

With fishy crackers in hand, our brave little boy sat on the deck steps and let Daddy use the clippers to trim him up. I won't lie, the camera was hiding tears falling from my eyes. In no time at all he lost his long locks and our little toddler became a little boy- looking all grown up with his sweet buzz cut.

I will admit it does look better, but it was an emotional moment for this Mom. Before his locks could be blown away in the wind, I scooped them up and placed each swirl in a baggy for his baby book.

Feeling the clippers and liking the tickling feeling.

 A little unsure, but fishy crackers help.

One more touch before Dad tackles the front.

He sat so still...

My brave little boy!

Almost done...

At least he's still a blonde!

My little baby is growing up...

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Amanda said...

His haircut makes him look so big! He's ADORABLE! Glad you got some of those blonde locks to save!