Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 Years, 51 books!

Recently one of our beloved members of our book club moved. Lexie was our club secretary and kept tedious notes of meeting dates and book choices. She passed that role on to Cheri and last night at book club we realized we've hit the 7 year-51 book mark!

I know I have posted about my book club in the past, but after spending the weekend with a few of these ladies, I felt the need to reiterate how much I enjoy the company of these amazing ladies.  I can not tell you how much I look forward to spending time with these women. Over the last seven years we've watched each other get married and have children, we've witnessed good times and bad times, and we've been there for one another the entire time.

I was a little late for tonight's festivities because I chose to head over after I put Cole down for bed. For two seconds I sat at Sarah's back gate and watched beautiful women chat over a delicious meal and yummy margaritas. A smile came to my face as I realized how fortunate I am to call these ladies my friends. In no time at all I was devouring black bean taquitos and taking in all that we call book club.

In honor of having run the Color Run race on Friday night, Sara and I wore our Color Run gear and Ryan wore the ever-loving Fanny...the rest of the women looked amazing in their darling dresses!

All decked out to celebrate a successful race!

We love you, Fanny...

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