Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kids Night at the Zoo

 We enjoyed Kids Night at the Zoo with Matt, Val and Brody. Cole was in his element, loving all of the animals. The weather was perfect and ALL of the animals were out and about...they were a lot more active than usual.


Baby Camel

 Cole did his best to imitate the animal's noises, but he was ABSOLUTELY in his element when we went in by the fish. He was literally running around yelling "shishes, shishes, sharks, big shishes..." He had both hands on the glass and couldn't believe the sharks and fish were so close to him!

He couldn't believe his eyes!

The sharks were getting closer...

We don't know this boy, but him and Cole had a little conversation...

 It was an awesome night...it kept Cole up way past his bedtime, but you have to do that once in a while, don't you? Before we left we thought we'd catch a quick family picture...it only took about 15 tries!
Not quite sure where Cole is headed...

Finally sitting still, but couldn't get his hand out of his mouth.

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