Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Cole woke up all ready for a day filled with adventures. The first thing we heard in his monitor this morning was "pool party". With the temperatures at 90+ degrees at 8:30am we knew it'd be a hot day for a parade and outdoor fun.

We met Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn and we enjoyed the Bayview festivities from the comforts of Dakota and Logan. Jen and the family were definitely missed this year, but Cole was in absolute HEAVEN. From the moment he saw the police motorcycle making it's way down the street to start the parade, this little man was overjoyed and beyond excited. We kept trying to explain to him all of the cars, trucks, bands, and people he'd see, but his eyes were bugging out of his head. He just kept saying "big party". 

Only in Bayview...nothing says Happy 4th like enormous bras and undies!

After the parade we made our way to Kathy and Donn's for an afternoon picnic and some cooling off in the kiddie pool. Grams and Grumps met us there, along with K and D's family. We ALWAYS love spending time with all of them. Cole is right at home there! By 2pm our little guy was wiped out and we still had to make our way to Grandma Colleen and Papa's house for another BBQ. We decided it'd be a good time to nap before the late afternoon and evening festivities continued. 

Cole had no problem staying cool...

Cole woke up to discover he was headed to yet another party. The temperatures were still rising, but thankfully this party was filled with water balloons, golf cart rides, and cousins! He was back in his swimming clothes and ready for an evening of getting wet. He had the time of his life. By 7:45pm he was crashed and ready for bed...we're a little bummed we didn't get a chance to take him to the fireworks, but I have a feeling there will be plenty of years of late nights and fireworks. 

Now that's hot!

All in all it was an awesome 4th filled with good food, love and family! Thanks everyone for making it a special day for Cole!

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