Sunday, July 8, 2012

East Troy Electric Train

Our house sure needs to be cleaned, but the weather was too nice to be cooped up inside today. We finally got a break from the 100 degree temperatures, so we figured we better make something of this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

Cole is really into anything that goes these days, so what a better place to explore than the East Troy Electric Railroad! I have lived in SE WI my entire life and have never heard of this place until I was researching Summer Bucket List ideas. This historic train travels about 10 miles from the East Troy depot to the Elegant Farmer and back again. There's a darling little museum with amazing train set ups and a yummy old fashioned ice cream shop right next door to the depot.
East Troy Electric Railroad Museum & Depot

Cole, the trolley motorman

We climbed aboard, conductor hat and all, excited to see what this adventure would bring. We sat right behind the conductor on the way to the Elegant Farmer, making for a very loud ride. Cole was a little spooked by the loud train whistle that blew at every crossroads, but was quickly reassured with Daddy's arms and goldfish crackers.

All Aboard!

We had a very quick lunch at Elegant Farmer and then got right back on for our trip back to the depot. This time we sat at the very back of the train- Cole must have been relaxed since he fell asleep in Dad's arms heading back.
Cole had to check out the "tractor mow"...

Finally we see his little face!

heading back to the depot

The enclosed train passed us on the way back...

We finished off the trip with some ice cream at J. Lauber's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Parlor. Cole only wanted a bite or two since it's "too chilly", but Mom and Dad scarfed down the rest. 

Cole's now home and "choo-chooing" his train across the living room table...I guess he liked the day!

Eyeing up the parked "choo-choo"!


Come Back Soon!

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