Tuesday, July 31, 2012

23 Months is Creeping Up on Us!

I CAN NOT believe that the two year mark is quickly creeping up on us. I know, I know, Cole will only be 23 months old next week, but I shake my head knowing that in no time at all my sweet little man will be 2!!

Being home with Cole all summer has been an absolute blessing and such a delight. EVERYDAY brings about new adventures. Even if it's a low-key day splashing in the backyard, Cole brings a smile to our faces.

After our morning playdate with Kaycee and Liam, Cole went upstairs with Dad to get dressed. When he came downstairs in this outfit, tears came to my eyes. He's no longer a baby...he's definitely a little boy. Watching him grow and change before my eyes is the most remarkable thing and having him in our lives is the most remarkable thing ever!

This is Cole's giddy grin!

Smiling for Daddy...

Finally looking over at Mommy!


Showing off his new Choo-Choo

I'll save a the BIG milestone updates for the two year mark, but for anyone that cares, Cole is soaking up knowledge and learning new things EVERY day. He still doesn't love performing when Mom or Dad put him on the spot, but being with him all day allows us to see all that he's capable of! He's just about mastered all of his colors, although when asked he's quick to reply "blue" regardless of the object's actual color. He's counting to 10!!! We are so proud of him for that. He counts the stairs, matchbox cars, his friends...anything!

Cole continues to love music and even knows a lot of the words to some of his favorite Elmo and Friends songs- Norah Jones with Elmo and Diana Krall with Elmo are a few of his favorites. They're a daily ritual in our household, good or bad. Eating and sleeping continues to be good, getting him to sit still through a meal is not always easy, but we get the food in him. He's been trying new things each week. Today he even had a grilled pork chop and rice!

Behaviorally, Cole our small fry has definitely become a spicy fry. He TESTS us daily! He went from saying, "yes, yes, yes" to saying "no, no, no" within days...not a lot of fun, but he knows when we get our stern voice on that we mean business. All of his daycare providers will have to be sure to not let him walk all over them! We're REALLY working on sharing, taking turns, and just being a nice boy. Don't get me wrong, we have an absolute sweet heart on our hands, but having two teachers for parents, neither Jim or I want a brat for a child :)

We're heading to North Carolina for a visit with my brother's and Cole's cousins. I am a little nervous for the trip for a number of reasons, but I have to go with the flow. Cole will love the time and attention with his cousins and the dogs will be just fine! Stay tuned for updated posts from NC!

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