Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cedarburg Strawberry Festival

I have been wanting to visit the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival for years and today we finally made the trip. Cedarburg is such a charming, quaint town. We've been there for other art shows, but we've never gone up for their larger festivals. I could not get over how crowded it was. There were miles of artists and vendors, and a fun area for Cole to play in. After falling asleep for the 30 minute drive, he was ready for another party! We didn't bring a stroller or wagon, so Cole hung out on Daddy's shoulders the entire afternoon. Jim was such a trooper. I would have never lasted that long, but he didn't complain once while we walked block after block looking at everything.
Public Coloring Mural

Cole loved this fire truck playground

Tallest Slide Ever...

Petting Area

Cute little goats

Cole in the space suit

Checking out yard art...I was tempted to buy this enormous chicken from the Bloggess. HILARIOUS story...
check out the link

Cole's favorite part of the day was eating, french fries, and strawberries!

A little that's a boy that loves his fries!

At this point we figured it was just about time to go...he lasted almost 4 hours...

Thank goodness for Nuks...

Besides food and wine, I did make two purchases...I'll post pictures soon! I want to get one of the pieces hung before I photograph it. I LOVE IT! 

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