Wednesday, June 20, 2012

21 Months!

On June 8th Cole was 21 months old...! It seems like just yesterday I was filling my summer days getting a nursery ready, cleaning out the house, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby boy. Now that baby is almost 2 years old. I can NOT believe it!

Because of a nagging cough and cold we took Cole into the doctor this past week, so I was able to get a current weight on him (no height or percentiles, but who cares). For the first time he stood on the Big Boy Scale and waited for the beep that told us he weighed 25 lbs. 5oz. Still not very big, but he's perfect in my eyes!

With summer upon us, we've been spending day in and day out with our little man and Jim and I couldn't be happier with him. He's an absolute joy to be around most days :) He exhausts us each day, amazes us with his abilities, and amuses us with his playfulness. I can not tell you how blessed we are to call this little boy our son. His darling smile and contagious laugh warms my heart.

I took these pictures of Cole this past week during a visit to Humboldt Park...Dad tried catching a few fish in the pond with no luck so we decided to just run and explore. It was literally 95 degrees, but that didn't slow Cole down at all...

Feeling every bump along the stick.

Saying hi to the family of geese

Shear Joy

This is the happy-go-lucky boy I adore!

He was hoping to see a creature living in the hole...Mom was not.

A Sneak Peek of Cole at 21 Months: 
  • talking a TON- great vocabulary and mastering two word phrases like "Daddy's Uck", "Mama's Car", "Help Me", "I Walk, I Mow","Peeza Party", "Mmm Lini's (tortellini's)", "Fower Pitty" (flower pretty), "Baby Welo (Leo)". I can't believe I was ever worried at his 18 month check up. Not only is he talking, but he understands EVERYTHING you say to him, including jokes. I love it! We're still working on saying people's names...specifically Grandma and Grumpa. I'm sort of shocked he doesn't say it. He just started saying "Aunt Kathy", but the G sound is harder for'll come, I'm not worried.
  • Still loves singing, songs, and music of any kind- sings "Ah, Ah Pooh", mumbles through ABC's and Twinkle, hand gestures Itsy-Bitsy Spider, loves Elmo's songs and videos on YouTube
  • Says "ready, set, go" and "1, 2, 3 go..." 
  • working on counting to 4
  • loves french fries- getting better at trying new foods. Especially if Daddy offers them to him. Eats with a fork or spoon really well. Crackers are still his all time favorite snack- not much of a sweets eater
  • LOVES being outside playing- cutting the grass, swimming, playground, exploring
  • Constantly on the move- fights on a nap every day because he'd rather be on the go
  • Loves parties and being around other people- Cole takes after his mom in this department. He loves having people over at our house or going to a party. 
  • Climbs up and goes down the big swirly slide at the playground all alone, did the water slide at Hoyt Pool and loved it as well
  • Sleeping like a champ! Tougher to get down some nights because he wants to be up playing, but sleeping an average of 12-14 hours. With summer in full effect he's going down between 7:30-8pm and sleeping in until at least 8-8:30am. Cole loves laying in his crib in the morning with his nuk and his friends, singing and buys us an extra 30-40 minutes most days. 
  • Still using the nuk :( but only for naps and bedtime. We also have it in the car because he'll typically crash in the car and then we can transfer him up for a nap if we're out and about. 
  • Very helpful around the house- loves jobs like watering the plants, sweeping, picking up his toys or sticks in the yard...anything to keep him busy.
  • Cars, trucks, and books continue to be his favorite inside toys. Outside his lawn mower is his prized possession. At one point we found it in the living room (all the bubble fluid leaked out onto the carpet). 
  • Cole's been climbing the steps for months now, but just recently he's able to go down holding the railing all by himself. He does NOT want help in anyway, but we have to remind him that we're going to stand in front of him just in case.
  • Within the last week Cole's favorite word is..."Why?" Isn't he too young for that? Urgh! I try to be very patient and answer honestly whenever possible.
  • Drove Grandma Colleen's mini golf cart all by himself. He continuously ran in to things, but he loved it.
I am sure I could go on and on if I let myself, but I figured that is a decent glimpse of my sweetie at 21 months old...Before I know it we'll be celebrating his second birthday. I better start planning :)

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Anonymous said...

I love that one of Cole's phrases is "Baby Welo." <3
From Baby Welo's Mom....