Tuesday, March 20, 2012

18 Months!?!

18 months! Are you kidding me? It is so hard for me to believe that my sweet little 6lb. baby is already a year and a half old!

If you care about the stats, they're below:

Weight- 23.3pounds (15th percentile...still on the small side of things)
Height- 34inches (90th percentile)
The weeks and months have been flying by and all I can say is that I love this little boy more and more each day. I am constantly in awe of all of the new things he can do each day. Cole continues to enjoy his time at Heather's house three days a week, but adores visiting his Grandma and Grumpa on Thursdays and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn on Tuesdays. They spoil him rotten and he can't push me out the door fast enough those mornings. It's been fun watching Cole fall in love with cars and books. His collection of MatchBox Cars is out of control, yet him and Dad keep picking out new ones every time we go to Target or Toys R Us. Books continue to be a favorite as well, which I am thankful for. Most minutes you can find Cole in one of two places- vrooming cars on the cocktail table or laying against Lexa reading a book.

Sleeping continues to be good for Cole as well. Bedtime is around 7-7:30pm each night. We all love the routine of PJ's, stories, and singing. We can lay Cole down completely awake and he'll sing himself to sleep in his crib. (Knock on wood) He's sleeping 11-14 hours/night and when he does wake up, he will usually give us another 30-40 minutes just laying and singing. We truly are blessed in that department. Cole loves watching and listening for the airplanes that fly over our house, so that has gotten him to wake a little earlier. He hears the red eye flights and gets pretty excited about it. I'm not as thrilled, but I can't complain since he's not screaming for me to run in and get him. Most week days we're getting him out of bed at 7am and on the weekends he's been pushing 7:30-8:30am.

Eating has been an ongoing adventure. Some days he eats like a champ and some days the picky toddler comes out. He's been taking more risks with trying new foods so I guess that's all we can ask for. Besides peas and corn, he doesn't love veggies (although he'll pound a jar of baby food if I offer it to him), but he loves fresh fruit so I am not too worried about it. Cole still loves his cheese noodles, but he's tried everything from pizza to veggie burgers.

I wish there was more to offer in the talking department...I refuse to worry myself over the fact that he has limited words, mainly because he babbles with inflection and intonation all day long. He loves to talk with his hands, just like Mom, and he loves singing. Although very few words accompany, he sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star every night and morning and we can make out the "g" in his ABC's. You play music and this sweet, little one will dance and bop his head to the beat. At 18 months I'd like to hear a few more actual words, but we're up to the following:
  • mom
  • dada
  • dog
  • woof, woof
  • cai (for car)
  • beep, beep
  • caaa, caaa (crow/bird)
  • peas (please)
  • hi
  • bye-bye
He'll also sign more and he has a lot of sounds for the things around him- vrooming, roaring, etc. The excitement in his voice when he's frantically trying to tell us something is absolutely precious. When a truck drives by or he hears the crows cawing in the backyard, his eyes get as big as saucers and he's rushing to tell us about it.

Between the waving and high-5's, the vrooming and the singing, this little man has stolen my heart forever. We love you, Cole!

I'm getting to be such a big guy!

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