Monday, January 2, 2012

A Visit from St. Nick

I always loved the St. Nick tradition growing up. I can still remember sneaking downstairs on the morning of Dec. 6th peering along the fireplace mantle, eyeing up our stockings, jam-packed with goodies. Unfortunately St. Nick typically fell on a school day so we had to get up extra early so we could check out our stash before heading to school. Regardless, Dad was on his way to work and Mom was drinking her coffee, drinking up the glory of another successful year.

There were always lip smackers in a variety of flavors, candies, new socks, and a beautiful piece of fruit wedged all the way at the bottom. Nothing over the top, but definitely something extra special. With four, much older siblings, it didn't take me long to realize that St. Nick was Mom, but I continued to believe and he continued to visit the Schmidt household all throughout high school.

When Jim and I moved in together several years ago and eventually bought our own home, I knew this was one holiday tradition I wanted to carry on to future generations. For several years it was just Jim and the dogs that enjoyed the goodies of St. Nick, but this was Cole's second year of checking out his stocking. Last year he wasn't too into it, but this year he definitely understood that there were new cars and trucks to push around.

As Cole gets older, I look forward to him waking up early on school mornings, sneaking down the steps and peeking over the banister for his stocking full of stuff!

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