Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Day from Hell

It should've been day two back to work today. I woke up expecting to get Cole to Aunt Kathy's for the day. Jim got up and was getting into the shower when he realized we had no hot water.
We've been in our house six years and we've known all along we'd need a new hot water heater, but today didn't need to be the day.
To make matters even worse, when Jim went to the basement to check things out he quickly realized that the water heater not only died, it blew out the side so we had a basement full of water.
Today was Jim's first day back to work, so i frantically got together some plans and called in for a sub. Not until my parents got here did I realize I should turn the water off. Mom watched cole while Dd helped me clean up most of the water. What a mess!
Matt, my parent's fix it guy, bought, installed, and removed the old water heater. We had a few minor snafus and it cost us a pretty penny, but we now have a brand, spanking new water heater.
I'm headed to hot yoga this evening, but I may enjoy my glass of wine in a hot jacuzzi tub bath tonight.
What a day!
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