Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve at Grams and Grump's!

I love that we can split our Christmas holiday with both the Schmidt and Sommerville families. I never wanted to go to two houses in one day/night and it's always worked out that we spend Christmas Eve at the Schmidt's and Christmas Day with Jim's family.

Unfortunately our Christmas Eve gathering ended a lot earlier than it typically does, but that was to be expected with a toddler. Mom and Dad had everyone over a little earlier than usual to accommodate, and no one really seemed to mind. Darryl and his family do have another house to go to during the day so they weren't there until after 5pm so I was a little disappointed that we didn't have as much time together.

Cole didn't really understand the "opening" of presents, but he loved the boxes and tissue paper. He even liked the new toys he was given, but he didn't really know what was going on. He would have been content playing with the basket of things at Grams and Grumps house. I had to laugh when Cole finally opened his big gift from Grandma and Grumpa...he had been eyeing up his Radio Flyer Wagon for several weeks in their breezeway. Each Thursday, he'd walk into the back hallway, pat and kiss the girl on the box and keep walking. My dad was convinced Cole was telling him, "Grumps, this is mine, right?" When he finally got all the paper off, he climbed on top and found that sweet little girl.

Kathy, Donn, Gloria and Gordon joined our immediate family this year. It's always nice that they join us for so many family gatherings. We missed Claire and Carolyn, but they were visiting extended families out of state.We saw them at Thanksgiving so that was extra special.

By 7:30pm Cole was getting a bit slap happy so we had to call it a night, but we had enough time to enjoy a delicious meal, sing carols, open gifts, and catch up with loved ones. Thank you, Mom and Dad for another special Christmas. We love you!

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