Monday, January 2, 2012

15 Months!!

Ask any mother and they'll tell you that the months go by so incredibly fast. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating Cole's first Christmas as a 3 month old and now the little guy is 15 months old. He's definitely a toddler now, and definitely ALL boy.

Watching Cole grow up and come into his own personality is so much fun. He's cruising around our house like he's been here for years. We rang in this 15 month birthday with Cole's first double ear infection, but even a fever of 103* doesn't slow this little guy down. He smiles through it all.

15 Month Stats:
Height- 32" (75th percentile)
Weight- 21lbs. 13.5oz (10-25th percentile...that's the highest he's been since he was a few weeks old)

  • Our little man is verbal- although he only has a few words, mama, dada, dog, ball- this boy sure does have a lot to say. We often wonder who he's talking to. Most often it's Lexa or the books. This past month he's also picked up hand gestures, so just like Mom he talks with his hands.
  • Separation from Mom in the morning has gotten much better. He'll wave bye-bye now and blow kisses, instead of getting hysterical. It's made daycare drop off much easier
  • Cole is a very affectionate little boy. Although he doesn't stop moving long enough to snuggle for an extended period of time, he loves "getting snuggly" with those he loves. He'll cruise right over and give you a big hug and kiss. He's started kissing (with his mouth open) and will give kisses when you ask.  He loves stuffed animals and will hug and kiss them constantly. He'll be in the middle of playing with his cars, he'll get up, find a stuffed bear and give him a big hug before going back to his trucks. Lexa is another big receiver of the snuggles. He loves curling up with her on her dog bed. He brings her his blanket and snuggles right in.
  • Our little ham- Cole knows when he's being funny and loves the attention he gets from others. He'll raise his hands "Sooo Big" and shake his booty on command. He loves dancing and listening to music. He's started playing "tricks" on you as well- offering something up and then quickly taking it away- a really funny game until he is holding your iPhone. High Fives are another favorite. 
  • Emotions are definitely running high with this boy as well. We've had several temper tantrums- nothing too dramatic and when we ignore them they tend to end quickly, but none the less they are not fun. He'll throw himself down and cry like he's being tortured. 
  • Just within this past month it's shocked me how much this little boy understands. They always tell you that as young ones they listen and understand a lot, even when they're not talking, but I didn't realize just how much until this month. You can ask Cole to do just about anything and he'll get up and do it. Don't get me wrong, he won't pour me a glass a wine or fill my morning coffee cup, but if you ask him to find his favorite book or bring me his shoes he finds them brings them over and knows what to do with them. Not that I'm looking for my own little slave, but I do test him often...just to see what he can understand and do. It's shocking to me that he doesn't have the words for anything of these things, but he can understand, "look under the couch, Cole. Your car cruised under there." He'll look and sure enough, he'll scootch underneath and drag it out. 
  • Feeding time continues to be one of my least favorite times of day, but we carry on. It's getting easier and Cole is trying new things, but he still loves his mac and cheese and fresh fruit. He's not a huge fan of vegetables, go figure, so I've found creative ways to get them in him. I'll puree them and put them in his macaroni or put them in a muffin or pancake. 
  • Bedtime and sleep has been WONDERFUL. I'm always hesitant to write about it because I don't want to jinx myself, but I was nervous when Cole gave up his night time bottles. He's been only drinking from a sippy cup since October, but it hasn't affected his sleep at all. We offer him milk from dinner on and he'll usually suck down about 8oz. between dinner and bedtime. He loves our nightly story and snuggle time, and he goes down to bed awake every night. Most of the time he chats and sings in his crib for a good 5-10 minutes before actually falling asleep, but we don't care. On a rare occassion he'll cry, but it's typically because he needs one more snuggle from Mom. Weekday mornings suck, only because we typically have to wake him to get out the door by 7:10am. He'd much rather sleep in until 8-9am. That makes weekends even more special! 
  • Cole's social skills are great. He loves playing with others and does a great job sharing. He'll offer his toys and play nicely with others, until they take something right from his hands and then he lets them know that was not very nice. Daycare with Heather has been WONDERFUL. I am so blessed to have found her (thank you Sarah Sunshine!), but we love our days with Grams and Grumps and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn. The relationship they have with them is so incredibly wonderful. You can ask him where Grandma and Grumpa are or Kathy and Donn and he'll march right into the kitchen and find their pictures, which we've conveniently placed at eye level so he can give them kisses. 
  • Along with dancing, Cole has picked up our love for music and singing. For a while we wondered why he was yelling, but we've realized that is his singing. Although he can't pronounce any of the words, nor does he keep the beat, he does sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". There is a bedtime story I read him each night and on the last page I always sing him that song. He'll find that book at the bottom of the basket, open to the last page with the twinkling stars and belt it out in his own little way. I love it! 
I am sure there are so many other wonderful things I could share about this kid, but I'll spare you. As I often say to Jim, "I love him so much I could just squish him!" He's my pride and joy, the love of my life, and the coolest kid on Earth.

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